Self-encouraging, self-liberation course

I have been running self-discovery, self-esteem workshops for groups since 2008. There are 3 days weekend worskhops and weekly summer tours.

I used to do one on one therapy until August, 2013. Now I am focusing more on group work. I find that people tend to be more open and relaxed in groups. They find out more about themselves whilst listening to other people's issues. Even in group settings personal issues and traumas come to surface. However, I do not approach these issues directly anymore, like I used to in the past. 

According to my experience, people either think that "things should be different than they are", or they want to live up to some sort of social expectations, hence they end up playing a social role that is alien to them. Many people do not live their own lives. They are filled with blocks, patterns and schemes inherited from their preancestors. People are fighting with fear and their lack of confidence and self-esteem.

I am mostly interested in the methods of how we could free ourselves from our fears by getting to know and accepting ourselves. Also, how to motivate ourselves in order to stand up for ourselves, to make decisions and to take responsibility for our own acts. As we are leading to our solutions by heading towards our inner child, we have to free our inner child first because he/she represents free will, courage and self-expression.

I have got to know many different techniques and methods during the course of my own self-discover and I found the most treasures in a treasure box hidden in myself, when I finally got the courage to open it. In order to achieve that, we need to develop our own intuitions and we need to be in "the flow"…

My aim is to lead people to build their self-esteem and the prival, ancestral trust. 

We make our own Destiny. If we succeed in something, we have to thank ourselves (self-revelation, self-healing). I am only a tool for the ones opened to make their first step towards their self-healing.

I find working in groups are more effective than the one on one setting.

The gift of melting into each other is a miracle of life. An unbelievable amount of energy is released when we experience becoming a part of a whole unit.

We are swallows of a new age. People are starting to wake up. The next step is loosing our past habits to discover our creative energies that have no boundaries.  Each one of these group sessions are a miracle to me too.

I offer techniques and guidelines for take away whilst forming a shiny, growing group in a common space.