About my Spiritual Work

When I was a child I wanted to be a performer. I wanted to be a singer and an actress. I worked hard to reach my goals, but my Destiny showed me another road... In January, 2004 I started my own weekly column answering readers’ letters in NőkLapja Café that is one of the most popular Hungarian online magazine for women. I was working for this online magazine for nearly seven years then I continued with NőkLapja, as a councillor. During that period I replied to over 4000 letters from which I picked the most interesting ones for my first two books: Wake up and Wake up 2

I studied Psychology at Nagy LajosKirály Private University for 3 years and I did an extra year at the Institute of Integral Psychology and Breathing Studies. Despite my studies I have always learned the most from my own self-discovery whilst learing to understand myself and being able to live in harmony. I have been experimenting and constantly training myself for over 20 years now. It resulted in publishing my third book, Öngyógyítótechnikák (Self-healing Techniques), a collection of Hungarian self-healing methods based on my own experiences.

I have been holding talks since 2004. I mix psychology with spirituality and life experience with humour. I have been running self-discovery workshops and organizing summer camps. I have worked with approximately a thousand people over the course of the past 7 years.

My mission in life is to help people awakening, letting go of their negative beliefs, shame and remorse and all the destructive patterns they carry throughout their lives. I encourage and motivate readers to start to live their own lives instead of acting out social roles.

So far I have published 8 books.

Currently I am working on a "healing theatre act", that I find having an amazing effect on the psyche.

My aim is to integrate healing into art as I mix stand-up comedy into my spiritual talks. I am using the stage to unfold my singer self and letting her serve you all.