About my Spiritual Work

About my healing-spiritual work:

When I was younger I wanted to become a singer-actress-performer. I had been working hard to reach my goals, but Destiny showed me another way... In January, 2004 I started my own weekly column (answering readers’ letters) in NőkLapja Café, one of the most popular Hungarian sites for women. I was operating for almost seven years. Then I continued with NőkLapja, but that time as a personal councillor. During that period I replied to 4000 letters from which I picked the most instructive ones for my first two books: Ébresztő and Ébresztő 2 (Time to Wake up!).

I studied Psychology at Nagy LajosKirály Private University for 3 years, one year at the Institute of Integral Psychology and Breathing Studies. But I have always learned the most from my effort to understand myself and being able to live in harmony. I have been experimenting and training myself for over 20 years now. It resulted in publishing my third book, Öngyógyítótechnikák (Self-healing Techniques), a collection of Hungarian self-healing methods based on my own experiences.

I have been giving lectures since 2004. I mingle psychology with spirituality, life experience with humour. I have been leading self-developing courses and organizing summer camps, I have worked with approximately a thousand people in the last 7 years.

It has become a task of my life to help people to wake up, also to give a hand in letting loose of fixated negative beliefs, the sense of shame and remorse and all the destructive patterns carried with them throughout their lives. I would encourage and motivate readers to start to live their own lives instead of acting social roles.

I have published 8 books so far.

I am working on a healing theatre act (having an effect on the psyche) at the moment.

My aim is to integrate healing into art, as I am doing so with my stand-up comedy-like spiritual lectures. But this time I am willing to use the stage to unfold my singer self, letting her serve you all.

My Journey Into Music

I had wanted to become an actress since I was five, but Destiny brought me something else. I was not accepted to the University of Drama and Film, but I finished my studies at the Conservatory of Jazz in 1992.

I formed a band in the first year (1989), we played in the so-called Young Artists’ Music Club on a regular basis. I used to be one of the most popular performers of alternative clubs in the late 80s and the early 90s. It was not only jazz I was singing, but I participated in numerous underground projects in different genres (film, music, performance, theatre).

I had the chance to perform as the member of the most popular acting group of that time.

I met my husband, György Lőrincz in 1990, who has been my partner in music for 24 years now as well. We have had several formations with two CDs released.

The first one: Teljes ebéd (Full dinner) came in 2006, followed by Libido: Balance in 2009.

Both can be characterized by sounding modern and jazzy, being melodious with high standard instrumentation.

Lyrics were written by myself.

Our current band (CSOKAPASZI) has four members.

György Lőrincz (composer, sax, electronic sax)

Soma Mamageisha (singer, lyrics)

LászlóHalper (guitar)

Gábor Clemente (percussion)

and actually, we have a fifth member: a groovebox.


Our music is unique in sounding and style, in its melodious and shiny character you can find pop, ethno and rock elements too. It is refreshing and modern, relying expressively on individual presence. 

The reaction of the audience meets our goals: to load up, cheer up, free the attendees… and naturally, the joy of music.

A new repertoire and track list was born, composed by László Halper this time.

I believe this is a brighter, cleaner and a more sophisticated and melodious style. As for the lyrics, it is deeper and more serious.

We appear on stage now and then, but we are expanding the group and putting the new song together now to let them form a new album in the near future.

Self-encouraging, self-liberation course

I have been organizing self-developing, self-encouraging groups since 2008, on 3-day weekends, also in weekly summer tours.

I used to prefer listening to people individually until August, 2013. Now I am focusing more on community work. People tend to become more opened and relaxed in groups, they get closer to themselves while witnessing others’ problems. However, personal matters and traumas always come to surface. I just do not approach them directly, like I used to do in the last five years.

According to my experiences in this field, people either think that things should be different than they are, or most people want to meet a kind of social expectation, therefore they start playing a social role strange to them. Many do not live their own lives. They are full of blocks, patterns and schemes inherited from their progenitors. They are fighting with fear and the lack of self-confidence..

I am mostly interested in the methods how we could free ourselves by getting to know and accepting our selves, also, how to motivate ourselves to be able to stand up for ourselves, to be able to make decisions and to take responsibility for our acts. The way leading to the solutions is heading towards our child-selves, we have to free him/her first because (s)he represents free will, courage and self-expression.

I have got to know many techniques and methods during the procedure of my self-liberation, but I found the most treasures in a treasure box in myself, when I finally got the courage to open it. To do that, we need to develop our intuitions, we need to be in the flow…

Self-esteem and primal, ancestral trust. My aim is to lead people this way.

Apparently we are the makers of our Destiny. If we succeed in something, we have to say thank you to ourselves (self-revelation, self-healing). I am only a tool to the ones who are opened to make the first step on this way.

For me, it works more effectively in community than individually.

It is a miracle of life (an extra gift) when are finally able to melt into each other. Unbelievable amount of energy is started up when we become part of a unity-experience.

We are swallows of a new age. People are starting to wake up. The next step is putting down the bundle full of past habits to discover our creative energies that have no borders.  Each of these community sessions is a miracle to me too.

I offer you techniques and guideline for take-away, to form a shiny, growing community in the common space.


Soma Mamageisha